War! What good does it bring?


Picture Courtesy: Womensweb


We have come so far
From carts to automatic cars
We have grown so advanced
From letters and telegrams
To ‘just dial’ to communicate afar
We have beaten countless diseases
We have written numerous thesis
We have invented, we have innovated
We have transformed!

Then why do we feed our minds
With the rusted sense of prime
Why are we willing to lose
Everything we have built at hand
Why are we blinded like fools
With the thought to rule this world
Why can’t we look beyond
Are our egos so profound
We exist only when we co-exist!

War War War
For what I ask
All this destruction
Of life and power

Poisoning our lands
Do you call it moving ahead
Is that your better plan
I see it, I see it clear
We are moving ahead
To the times before stone age
Like moving in circles
We will soon be where we began
With no life left to fight for higher-rank!

War war war
I ask, I ask you all
What good does it bring
What good does it bring at all!

2 responses to “War! What good does it bring?

  1. hello Ayushi, I am following your posts for quite some time. I have nominated you for the mystery blog award! I was nominated for it too and I would be glad if you accept my nomination 🙂 I would leave you link to the post below! happy blogging

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