Winter Is Gone!


Picture Courtesy:Pinterest

In our timeless loving
When our souls are burning
We become every hue of mystical sky
We become every color of light

In our endless loving
When our souls are woven in moans
The night there holds
The story of our vibrations, untold

Forever in this love
In the midst of all madness
We become every hue and color of darkness
We dance on the music of this universe

Afraid not, of the sins we commit
We keep burning like the comet
We become one, you and I
Like the illusion of earth meeting the sky

In this hurricane of life
We are wild distractions
For secrets we hide in our hearts
A mystery that holds the spark

We find the mystic places of the soul
Even the ones we didn’t know exist
Let our bodies collapse once more
Let our souls mate once more.

And then the winter is gone!

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